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The Hillbillies started in 1996 as a way of bringing mountain bikers together and as a voice to address issues related to mountain biking in George. Currently, there are 350 paid-up members in the club, though the Facebook membership is around 825.

The following aims are based on the objectives and aims as documented in our constitution:

  • to advance the sport of mountain biking in the George area (principle aim)
  • to attract tourist mountain bikers to the George area
  • to establish a code of conduct for mountain bikers, specifically relating to the care and protection of the environment
  • to liaise with local authorities with regard to the development and maintenance of mountain bike trails
  • to develop and train people in the sport of mountain biking
  • to promote the enjoyment of nature


Membership fees in large are spent on trails. Our commitment is to upgrade and maintain existing trails and routes. We manage forums to keep members up to date on information about trail conditions and concerns. Members have an opportunity to get involved by giving feedback on trails and changes you would like to see.

Trailforks is a mountain biking trail database & management system, supplemented with local user content. The Trailforks platform is used to keep track of trail details, locations and conditions.

You can view our Hillbillies trails here. Please be sure to download the trailforks app on your mobile device to use on the go!


Joining the Hillbillies Mountain Bike Club brings many benefits, not only to you but also the wider mountain bike community.

Being a paid up member of the Hillbillies mountain bike Club gives us the leverage we need when seeking support from local municipalities, government and plantation managers. If you want quality and quantity in trails, best to join now as we will need good representation in future negotiations with the relevant authorities.

Knowing that you belong to a community of people who work to keep mountain biking alive and well in our region is reason enough if you and your family enjoy biking for whatever reason.

Membership available online or from your your local bike shop in George. Once paid online, you can collect your Hillbillies permit card from our local bike shops.

Membership fees for 2024 are as follows:

Adults - R400 each
Kids (12years and younger) - R150 each
Family Package - R900 per family
Available at Bike Shops R150.00 per license. Day licenses are valid for 5 days.


In 2019 the Time Trials were changed to a 60 Minute Mayhem. The monthly event (every second Tuesday of the month) is hosted by the Hillbillies Club and free for members. The format allows 60 minutes to do as many laps as you can / want on the XCO track. 1 lap = 1 point. Series prizes at the end of the year. Routes and directions will vary throughout the series. The Ground Zero café will be open for snacks, soft drinks and Blacksmith Coffee ☕️. Bring your family along for a picnic under the trees. Events will be posted on the members Facebook page and Whatsapp groups.

Buy your yearly membership here


Braam Pretorius: 082 823 4264
Vice Chairman
Anel Strampe: 0083 314 1476
Sulene Brand: 074 578 5363
Isobel Rohwer: 084 660 7339
Trail Building and Maintenance
Richard Müller: 082 920 1834
Additional Members
Emile Kaselowski: 082 880 0760
Chris Barrett: 072 147 3808


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We would like to thank all our great sponsors.

Local Bike Shops

A website can’t thread brake cables through a frame, well not unless you live next door to the Shimano factory in Japan or the cathedral della Campagnolo in Italy. Our local bike shops are our first port of call when you want someone who can properly re-true your wheels or accurately tune your gears, unless, of course, you’ve taught yourself already. Bike shops mean mechanics, and that means people with bags of technical experience and the know how to fix your machine – so you don’t have to make a bodged job of it yourself. Support local and enable our shops to provide continued great service.