2018 Memberships are now open

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS may now be done at a Bike Shop of your choice (Willie Marx Cycles, Ride Life, Cycle & Sports, Coimbra). Online membership has been withdrawn as the bike stickers were not available online and had to be collected by the member anyway. A membership runs for the calender year Jan - Dec. R150 for single Member, or make use of the family option where the primary member pays R150,  R100 for an additional family member and R50 for scholars as part of the family.

Joining the Hillbillies Mountain Bike Club brings many benefits, not only to you but also the wider mountain bike community. 

Being a paid up member of the Hillbillies mountain bike Club gives us the leverage we need when seeking support from local municipalities, government and plantation managers. If you want quality and quantity in trails, best to join now as we will need good representation in future negotiations with the relevant authorities. Knowing that you belong to a community of people who work to keep mountain biking alive and well in our region is reason enough if you and your family enjoy biking for whatever reason.



Membership fees by in large are spent on trails, our commitment in 2018 is to upgrade and maintain the existing trails.  

A forum to keep members up-to-date information about trail conditions and concerns.

For the members, an opportunity to get involved by giving feedback on trails and changes you would like to see.